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  • Hawaiian Food Tour 0


    “Aloha. Have a seat.” It’s one of our first interactions with a Hawaiian local, and one of the most typical. Aloha means love, kindness, unity and patience…a philosophy of going gently and living in joy every day. Hawaiians are some of the friendliest people in the world, renowned for their welcome and their love of […]

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  • Minnie Street Eatery 0

    49 Minnie St, Southport, Queensland 4217

    There’s a feeling of great curiosity and excitement when a new eatery opens in the local area. What will it be like? Will it have the food we enjoy and great coffee? As those who pass through Minnie Street witness change afoot in their dilapidated corner store, there’s plenty of goodwill and wonder. It’s a […]

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  • Frigg Café 0

    6/1 Stevens St, Southport, Queensland 4215

    The pizza arrives, a steaming plateful of cheesy topping dripping over the edges of the crust onto the giant-sized plate. It’s huge, far too big for my appetite, and this is only one slice of pizza! It’s lunchtime in Disneyland, the place ‘where all your dreams come true.’ Someone’s dreams, perhaps, but some of my […]

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  • Krish Indian 1

    Easy T Centre, 514 Christine Ave Robina, QLD 4226

    “I’ve been told that this place has positive energies and a good aura,” Devi tells me. I look around at the two huge mandalas painted on the mirror-tiled back wall of the restaurant, a bronze goddess resting on a pedestal beside me, the accent colours vibrant and rich. I could use some ‘good energy’ right […]

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  • Guilty Café 1

    174 Galleon Way, Currumbin Waters QLD 4223

    Sitting in front of me, resplendent in its calorific glory, is a huge chocolate milkshake topped with two lamingtons. Piled high with cream, a strawberry perched on top, it’s magnificent! Gasps escape from diners around me. Yet I feel nauseated. My internal dialogue has taken over: ‘It’s just fat and sugar. It may taste good, […]

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  • Street Food in Restaurants 1

    Street food is taking the Gold Coast by storm, not just in markets, on the street fronts and parks via food truck presence, but even in restaurants, street foods are popping up along the coast. There’s a blurring of the line between street food and high-end cuisine, with diners showing a preference for casual fare […]

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  • Taboon, Robina 3

    Easy T Centre, 514 Christine Ave., Robina, Queensland 4226

    I’ve never been to the Middle East, but as we sit in Taboon feasting on its fresh salads and smoky grilled meats, I gain a little glimpse of its culture. Since its opening ten years ago, Taboon at Robina has established a reputation for fresh, vibrant modern Middle Eastern cuisine. Consistency has been the key […]

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  • Buffalo Sears 0

    1A Swell Resort, 1638 Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads, Queensland 4227

    For a blokey place, I feel right at home at Buffalo Sears. It may be BBQ, but the warm, loving attention from owner chef Jason makes all the difference. Somehow, in his approach, you can feel the passion straight away. This is no slap dash affair. There’s no rough assemblage, no careless throwing food out […]

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  • Tuk Tuk Thai 0

    Easy T Centre, 514 Christine Avenue, Robina, Queensland 4226

    You know how it is. You’re hungering for those clean fresh flavours of Thai food – something with a bit of a hit, but not too bad for you; flavours that linger on your tongue rather than fatty fried food for a change. Tucked into the corner of Easy T Centre in Robina is a […]

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  • Indian Empire 0

    3/455 Oxley Drive, Runaway Bay, Queensland 4216

    When we think of Indian Cuisine on the Gold Coast, the picture in our minds is predictable: Copper clad bowls filled with curry, accompanied by naan bread and rice. If we’re fortunate, those curries are rich and succulent with spices, served obligingly in an ambient venue.  Beyond this, the vision fades. Rick Stein’s spectacular journey […]

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  • Award-Winning Gold Coast Restaurants 1

    With a style and vibrancy all its own, the Gold Coast is a foodie destination honoured by dining awards and overseas recognition. Whether it be in a fine dining restaurant, café or humble pizzeria, critically acclaimed venues host innovative chefs who use the freshest local produce to create exciting, unique cuisine. Some of our highest […]

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  • Marie Anita’s 0

    2364 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach, Queensland 4220

    Put a background in marketing together with a passion for healthy food, youth and a ‘can do’ attitude, and you have Marie Anita’s Gluten-free Health Cafe. Marie James looks impossibly young to be a business owner, yet she’s taken the plunge. Her gluten-free, sugar-free health café caters for a range of diners who are often […]

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  • Double Barrel Kitchen 0

    Waterways Village Shopping Centre, Shop 4/64 Karbunya Street, Mermaid Waters, Queensland 4218

    Having kitted out some of the smartest restaurants in town (think Etsu and Mamasan), Jess Winters had plenty of ideas for what she wanted in her first cafe, so her partner Peter Tutton learned new skills to complete the vision, the pair harnessing some great talent to be part of their team. So, Double Barrel […]

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  • Baskk at Kirra Point 0

    Beach House Plaza, 52 – 58 Marine Parade, Coolangatta, Queensland 4225

    There’s nothing more exciting than a beachfront location, especially overlooking the northern end of Coolangatta, Kirra Point. Baskk, brought to us by Steve and Donna Archdeacon, owners of local haunt Café D’Bah on Point Danger, is an arty venue fitted out in tones of driftwood, shells and marble. Open daily from brunch until late, it’s […]

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  • Brasserie Bread 0

    1/16 Activity Cres, Molendinar QLD 4214 (Factory - not open to the public)

    Bread is the most widely consumed food on earth whose very name itself denotes staple nourishment. Yet it is one of the foods that we have the least knowledge about, let alone where its ingredients come from. ‘Provenance’ – knowing exactly where food ingredients come from – has not been a concern of commercial bread […]

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  • ‘Shortcuts to Glory’ – Cookbook review 0

    My fondest memories of my son’s childhood are the things we did together. During school holidays we’d catch trains, visit parks and playgrounds and spend hours watching big machines on worksites. In between, we’d cook. Sitting in his high chair at the kitchen bench, my son would help with the cooking – mashing banana to […]

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  • Mockingbird Cafe 0

    86 Marine Parade, Kingscliff NSW 2487

    Every so often you meet someone whose enthusiasm is the driving force of an establishment. So strong, in fact, that it’s like a magnetic field, drawing you into its energy. At Mockingbird Café, Kingscliff, that force is Jo Jackson. We’d first met Jo at her very successful restaurant, Signature Dish in Varsity, where she not […]

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  • Nero Dining 0

    3/1 Sunshine Boulevard, Broadbeach Waters, Queensland 4218

    “Being a chef is not a glamorous occupation,” Chef Dennis Duncanson tells us, and he’s right. Chefs work hard long hours in steaming hot kitchens, often when the rest of us are out playing. Long before the public sees them, most young chefs are sweating it out in other people’s kitchens. Perhaps they get caught […]

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  • Room81 1

    81 Surf Parade, Broadbeach, Queensland 4218

    Fine dining has been undergoing a renaissance for several decades. Gone are the over-blown expense accounts and opulent eateries of the ’80s. Slowly, a new kind of venue has emerged: ‘casual fine’ dining. With high level, ingredient-driven food presented with efficient casual service, it’s a lot more comfortable dining than its forbear, giving greater accessibility […]

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  • Osteria 0

    1 Barclay Drive, Kingscliff NSW 2487

    In the middle of the uniformly pristine beachside suburb of Casuarina, Osteria stands out like a wild and beautiful Italian garden. Earthy and grounded in venue and cuisine, it could easily have been transported directly from the Grounds of Alexandria to land in Kingscliff. This is a meeting place for family and friends, inspired by […]

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